Cycling for a Good Cause: The Isle of Wight Randonnee

On the 5th of May, our own Louise Hosking will be participating in the 100km cycle ride around the Isle of Wight (, along with her husband Nigel. This isn’t the first time Louise has been a Randonnee participant, but it is the first time in over 20 years she has committed to undertaking the longer 100km route (the ride offers a choice of 100km and 55km rides).

What makes this year different, besides 45 extra kilometres, is the reason behind Louise and Nigel’s decision to participate. Earlier this year, Louise and Nigel lost a very close friend quite suddenly at the young age of 44. Their friend, Darren Willis (nicknamed DRJ pronounced Derg), has been Louise and Nigel’s inspiration to raise money for Brain Tumour UK. DRJ was diagnosed with a brain tumour in early November 2012 and passed away in January 2013.


While Nigel has always participated in the 100km ride, the last few months has seen Louise training especially hard running, cycling, and being a dedicated gym rat. Neither rain nor snow proved to be an impediment to Louise’s dedication, and she has been seen all over Hertfordshire splashing through puddles, pushing through rain, and shivering against the cold.

Last year, Louise cycled the 55km route in terrible cold and rainy conditions, however this year is looking very promising weather-wise! The Randonnee cycle ride is an extremely hilly and very demanding ride, and all of us at Hosking Associates, as well as Louise’s family and friends, are very proud of her.

If you would like to support Louise in raising money for Brain Tumour UK, or learn more about DRJ, please visit .

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