H&S Bundles for Schools

Beginning in January 2014 Hosking Associates, under our school division Hosking Education Services, will start using our newly developed H&S Bundles. This means that schools can budget across the year for the support that they require, as well as receive a whole host of built-in support services and discounts. We are looking into other added value options for these in 2014 that schools can opt into at any time.

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We have already been out to visit most of our schools to introduce this new, improved service and discuss which H&S Bundle is most appropriate for their needs. With so many schools becoming Academies, we have responded to the need for a more comprehensive service package that Governors can easily understand and agree.

In January, we will work with our existing schools (who have already had an Initial H&S Review) to decide which H&S Bundle best fits them and their needs.

Tackling Health and Safety head-on, as new Academies are now doing, involves beginning with a comprehensive Initial Review & Action Plan (priced separately), and followed by agreeing to a specific number of competent person support days to reach standards. The initial review is a substantial investment that identifies the schools current position and steps required to implement controls that we can assist with implementing. We recommend a management review of this document every other year to ensure that everything is on track after this. In between we will use a smart, efficient audit such as our Safety Ribbon Award which will provide a valuable measure of achievement.

Because management of health and safety in schools requires careful planning, this process will now be easier than ever once competent person support days are decided and scheduled across the year. Schools will have the opportunity to prepare for pre-arranged visits well in advance and will feel more in control. Real progress will be made and reports to governors will reflect greater efficiencies and improved management.

For further information, please contact christine.mcbride@hosking-associates.com or call us at 020 3606 6466.