Safety Ribbon Award

The National School Safety Ribbon Award is an honor given to schools based on merit and performance in the management of their health & safety systems. The purpose of this award is to recognise schools that have gone above and beyond the norm, adopting health & safety as part of the school culture, and creating a safe working and learning environment.

We will be launching our brand new Safety Ribbon Award in the spring term. Schools will be expected to demonstrate a high standard of Health & Safety for this to be awarded. We will also be looking to see that those schools responsible for their own catering are using their Safer Food Better Business Manual and that some basic environmental standards are being met.

Why earn a Safety Ribbon Award:

  • Demonstrate – to your staff, pupils, parents, and governing body your commitment to higher-than-average safety standards
  • Clear Compliance  (public proof) of your legal compliance and commitment (Ofsted/ISI)
  • National Recognition  for your schools achievements and high standards
  • Monitor  your safety systems with ease, confidence, and impartiality
  • Promote  your schools safety excellence through award banners/logos use/etc.

The benefit for parents and governors will be that they can see that their school has achieved a high standard that they can feel confident in. We are often asked the question of whether or not an improvement has been made year on year. As this is a scored system, it will be very easy for schools to measure the improvement that has been made even if the standard is not achieved straight away.

Schools achieving the standard will be permitted to use the logo on letter heading and other correspondence.

How Does It Work?

When you decide you are ready and have applied for the Safety Ribbon Award, we will send you the criteria and a list of
Hosking SRA purple-no yeardocumentation that must be ready. Then we will come in and do a check of where you are against a scored criteria.

The audit and write up is completed in a day and complete report emailed within 3 days. You will be notified of your school score on the same day. Your Safety Ribbon Award audit identifies your current standard only, and provides a list of any deficiencies.

For clients that have been working with us for some time, they will recognise the criteria but the key will be that your management system is up and running, your policies and procedures are up to date, monitoring (e.g. checklists) completed and we don’t find any serious faux pas on site like blocked fire exits!

The competition is already on to see who might achieve this award first and is also open to schools who are not currently clients!

Because the Safety Ribbon Award is issued for a period of one year, schools can reapply annually. Schools who continue to earn this award demonstrate that not only are their Safety Management System arrangements in order, but they are embracing health and safety into their culture to a high standard which can potentially help to offset insurance premiums.

For more information, please contact Christine McBride at or call us at 020 3603 6466.