ProDoor UK Ltd delivers a wide range of total building and perimeter security services, from shutter doors and barrier systems to CCTV and automatic glass doors.

The company is based in Chertsey and was established in 2001.

Pro-Door-logo-RGB-72dpi-w300Working as a sub-contractor for a large number of the UK’s facilities management businesses, ProDoor operates from Birmingham to the South East, and as far as Devon in the South West.

James Newman set up the business with his business partner, who he then bought out in 2011. He started his working life as an electrician and then went on to work with an industrial door company as a sub-contractor. After working for this business, he saw the benefits of setting up his own company operating in this field. ProDoor has grown rapidly over the past few years and has further plans for growth.

James Newman comments: “We have brought in a large number of customers and plan to grow the business further. However, we always take a cautious approach, and do what we feel is right for the business.”

The importance of getting health and safety right – bringing in Hosking Associates

When it came to aspects of health and safety, ProDoor believed that with scale the company needed to have an effective safety management regime in place which met the standards expected by some of the most important facilities management companies in the UK.

It was at this stage that ProDoor decided to bring in the services and support of Hosking Associates – who had been recommended to the business.

Louise Hosking and her team initially undertook a complete health and safety review of the ProDoor business and the services being provided.

The company agreed and created a detailed health and safety and environmental policy in partnership with staff at every level within ProDoor. This then became the standard to which the business would operate highlighting everything ProDoor needed to ensure legal compliance and risk management.

Initially, Hosking Associates would come into the business at least once per month to ensure systems and arrangements were working effectively, and to the standards ProDoor’s clients expect.

Making necessary changes

James Newman comments: “The team at Hosking Associates really worked to change our mindset when it came to aspects of health and safety, and they introduced relevant training into the business.

“They supported us with our Safecontractor and Construction Line status, and they continue to manage both of these for us – ensuring that we maintain our strong status with both. These types of accreditations help us to win business at the end of the day.”

We have recently started to use an online service for Toolbox Talks – reducing the time needed to bring in engineers for dedicated training. Instead, they can log online to go through the relevant health and safety requirements and gauge how well they are adopting them. Some contact training will always be required, but this means that engineers can fit training around their work rather than the other way around.

Newman adds: “The Hosking team provide huge support with creating practical risk assessments, and all things health and safety go through them. Both we, and our contractors, feel safe in their hands, and they are always accessible for ongoing advice and support.”

Working with Hosking Associates

“Everything goes through Hosking Associates and we feel very confident with our health and safety procedures. Louise Hosking stands head and shoulders above everyone else within the sector – she is part of the ProDoor team and the advice and procedures she has put in place have been invaluable.”

Over the past few months, the team at Hosking have been in more regularly than usual – helping to build up systems in preparation for business growth.

Louise Hosking, managing director at Hosking Associates, adds: “We are always realistic with customers and guide them on exactly what we believe they need when it comes to health and safety.

“When it comes to ProDoor, our recent work has been centred around getting the company in the right place for growth. Any organisation looking to scale-up should always ensure they take the most stringent approach to health and safety.”

Newman adds: “The team at Hosking only charge for the service they believe is needed, and they always try to get us into a position where we are able to take on the health and safety aspects on our own – they try to empower us to do this confidently ourselves.

“We feel reassured that our health and safety is in good hands, and – equally – we are also more empowered on a day-to-day basis and appreciate what we need to look out for in order to stay one step ahead.”