CDM15 Part 2: New Site Safety Standards & Practical Application


The CDM2015 Regs have implications for everyone involved in building work, repair & maintenance or anyone commissioning this work. CDM15 now also applies to domestic projects where work is being undertaken on a home for a client who will ultimately live there. ALL work will require a construction phase plan even small home improvement jobs and repairs. Contractors will have to manage sites and the people working there in line with the requirements in part 4 of the regulations whether they are involved in domestic sector work or on the commercial side.

Course objectives

By the end of the half-day session, delegates will have a greater understanding of how to organise work safely on a construction project in line with the new requirements.

Who should attend

The course is relevant to anyone in control of construction projects or clients commissioning work. It will be of particular help to those involved in projects which are not notifiable. Self-employed builders who work on domestic projects will also find it useful. The session is also relevant to designers, architects and project managers.


1/2 day

Course content

  • Background to the new requirements, and why manage safely
  • Pre-Construction Information and pre-start planning
  • Completing a Construction Phase Plan
  • How design can reduce risk before, during and after the construction phase
  • Choosing sub-contractors wisely
  • Setting up sites & safe places of construction work
  • Induction, training and consultation with workers
  • Standards for welfare facilities
  • Managing The Main Killers
    • Falls From Height
    • Collapse of Excavations/Structures
    • Exposure to Dusts and Asbestos
    • Contact with Electricity
    • Protecting Members of the Public
    • Fire & Emergencies
    • Temperature & weather protection
  • Handing over information for the H&S File


Delegates will be emailed a certificate of attendance following the course.