DSE Management Course


Regular use of display screen equipment (DSE) such as personal computers or those monitoring CCTV can cause staff to feel aches and pains in arms, wrists, shoulders and the back, which can lead to time off work. Regulations require employers to carry out risk assessments on individual use. This course will teach employers/managers how to manage these assessments and provide employees with the necessary tools to reduce the risk of DSE related injury.

Course objectives

To provide users with the knowledge and skills required to enable them to set up workstations correctly and carry out risk assessments. Managers will gain a thorough understanding of DSE use and risk assessment with a view toward reducing the risk of harm. It will also help employers with multiple work stations to manage the information from multiple risk assessments.

Who should attend

DSE users and those with responsibilities to manage DSE risk assessments.


1/2 Day for users, extended to a full day for managers.

Course content


  • The Health and Safety DSE Regulations
  • Health risks associated with working with DSE
  • Posture, efficient movement and ergonomic principles
  • Safe working routines and how these may be encouraged
  • Environmental factors
  • Equipment requirements
  • Practical assessments


Additional Management Training

  • Management of DSE risk assessments
  • Strategy for implementation
  • Practical guidance for managers


Delegates will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the multiple choice assessment.