CDM15: Agents could be in dark over new health and safety law

Property Industry Eye’s editor, Rosalind Renshaw, was keen to flag the CDM15 regulations, and asked Louise Hosking to provide her observations.

Hosking Associates coverage in PropertyIndustryEye, Click here to read the full article.

Louise_Hosking1-e1424781717692Concerns have been raised that letting and managing agents who commission work on their landlords’ properties are unaware of new legal requirements.

In April, a health and safety law came into force that affects all building work carried out in the domestic sector, including private rented homes.

For health and safety purposes, domestic projects such as replacing windows or boilers are now treated in the same way as large new housing developments, or the construction of shopping centres and office blocks.

Failure to comply with CDM15, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, could prove a serious problem in future should the landlord wish to sell but cannot produce the required paperwork – a health and safety file.

Louise Hosking, chartered safety and health practitioner at Hosking Associates, said CDM15 has implications for anyone organising construction work.