CDM15: Flat owners affected by new construction regs

Homeowners who are planning to commission building projects must now comply with CDM15 regs

Hosking Associates coverage of CDM15 in News on the Block

Changes to the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) came into effect on April 6.  This piece of legislation aims to reduce accidents during construction projects via good design, planning and co-operation, and also specifies legal requirements on site safety standards and for the provision of welfare facilities such as access to toilets.

P1110843 (Medium)If homeowners – including those having work carried out within their own flats – fail to ensure the new regulations are met by contractors on site, it could affect the sale of the property. This type of work will commonly require consent from the Freeholder usually in the form of a formal document called a Licence to Alter. Freeholders and their professional advisors should therefore be alert to the new regulations when considering, supervising and inspecting such alterations.

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