IOSH: Accentuating the positive

We are in the business of changing hearts and minds, so that individuals make positive choices to look after themselves and others as part of the actions and decisions they make.

NegativeLouise Hosking small headlines, fines, problems and inspections all focus on what is wrong or what people can’t do. These begin to follow us around like a negatively-charged dark cloud. Perhaps we should reflect on our own behavior  because our words and actions can have a profound effect.
Positivity is infectious; it’s motivating, engaging and it makes people feel better about themselves. Negativity makes people switch off and turn away. Let’s encourage what people can do rather than say what they can’t.

Negative words creep into language subconsciously. Contrast “don’t forget to…” with “remember to…”, or “I mustn’t be late” with “it’s important I’m on time”. Avoid “I’m busy now but might be able to fit you in next week”, and instead try “let’s get together next week when I can give you my full attention”. Problems are recast as challenges; it’s a subtle change but it creates a different outlook.

Read the full article by Louise Hosking, Director of Hosking Associates, and Vice-Chair of IOSH Chiltern Branch in November’s  IOSH