Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Environment Magazine asks Liz Ainslie about recycling in the workplace

_DSC2105Featured in the Summer 2015 issue of Environment Magazine, Liz Ainslie, Environmental Consultant, is interviewed about recycling in the workplace – including challenges to overcome, and the importance of management support.

“Staff want to work for companies who care — whether about the individuals in their company or the environment. You need to make recycling as easy as possible. By recycling properly and doing it for the right reasons, companies can demonstrate to staff that they listen. ”

Liz goes on to say, “You also need to make recycling as easy as possible. Almost everyone in the UK recycles at home, but there is a psychological block to doing what you do at home in your workplace. So you need to be sure to make recycling easy with as few bins as possible. Then you need to educate staff about what you are doing and why — this is where having a small team of employees can help, by doing peer-to-peer learning. Finally, you need to continually educate and ask for feedback. If something isn’t working, you need to find out why and how to change it instead of having contaminated recycling being sent to landfill each week.”

Hosking Associates coverage in Croner’s Environment Magazine:

*Liz Ainslie MSc AIEMA works as an Environmental Consultant at Hosking Assoicates Ltd.