SME: On the frontline of H&S

Health & Safety challenges faced by the SME: Is the government to blame?

(RoSPA’s Occupational Safety & Health Journal coverage, May 2015 issue, pg 18 & 19, click here to view printed article)

RoSPA. The RoSPA Occupational Safety & Health Journal, January 2015

Louise Hosking asks, “how has successful safety management fallen down the list of priorities as entrepreneurs grow their businesses?”

_DSC2114 (Small)As a risk management specialist, Louise believes the answer lies in the SME becoming confused in respect of what is expected to satisfy their health and safety requirements.

The article examines some real-life examples including a successful, modern company employing bright young people – yet the management of organisational safety had not been part of that growth.  She takes a look at the likely reasons for this, how previous and current governments have impacted this trend, and tries to sort out the mixed messages received by SMEs on health and safety.


*Louise Hosking is managing director of Hosking Associates, a chartered safety & health practitioner, and regular contributor to RoSPA’s OS&H Journal.