The Environment As A Business Issue Is Not Going Away

Liz Allen asks what the environment means to you and your business.

(Coverage in Tomorrows Energy Management January 2017, pages 40 & 41)

If you had Liz Allen smallto rate your environmental performance, what score would you give yourself?  Would your value be the same as your colleagues, investors, customers, or clients? How well does your  brand reflect your environmental principles?  If you can confidently and consistently answer these questions, well done – whether your score is high or low is another  question  – but  at  least you, your colleagues  and stakeholders are all on the same page and they see you addressing your environmental challenges in a consistent way.

The environment, in its broadest terms, affects everything we do. The first thing we experience when walking out of the front door is whether  the weather  is  hot, wet  or cold. We cannot ignore what is all around us. In our workplaces, we can  become  semi-detached  from the outside world. We are nurtured in  comfort-controlled  spaces, don’t give a second thought to the next cup of coffee and can raid the stationary store  or warehouse  for supplies.

As employees we are tasked with delivering finished products or services to our customers that  are charged  at a rate reflecting time, knowledge and resources.  The  environmental costs may not be accounted for as separate items so how do you know you are managing them effectively?

Liz Allen is an Environmental Consultant with Hosking Associates.  Read the full article on pages 40 and 41 of Tomorrows Energy Management January 2017