• *ISO 14001 – Embedding

    This course is designed to be practical and hands on.  Attendees will be encouraged to draw on their knowledge of their own business.  This will be used by delegates to develop key parts of their own management system.  This can include identifying and managing interested parties, risk evaluation and alignment of obligations, aspects and objectives.

  • *ISO 14001 – Introduction

    This course introduces formal management systems.  The purpose, structure and benefits of an iterative process will be discussed.  The core phases of ‘plan, do, check and act’ will be reviewed and examples used to illustrate how these are applied within organisations.

  • *Stakeholder Management

    Identifying who are your stakeholders and evaluating how much power and interest they have in your organisation sets the scene for this course.  Attendees will be expected to speak from experience and build stakeholder maps of their organisations.  Different engagement activities will be reviewed so that plans for ongoing management can be developed.

  • *Sustainability Management

    Recognising that all activities have an impact on the environment is the starting point for this course.  Delegates will be introduced to ways of assessing the relative importance of social, economic and environmental risks of their business operations and will use real examples to evaluate and ‘trade off’ risks and opportunities to deliver solutions.

  • *Sustainibility Awareness

    This course is designed to provide all employees with a basic level of environmental and sustainability awareness.  It will introduce the three pillars of sustainability and will be tailored to the client needs.  Examples will be used to show how global concerns such as climate change, resource scarcity, supply chain issues and biodiversity are directly […]