About us

Empowering clients to take control of all aspects of health, safety and the environment

Established in 2005, Hosking Associates focuses on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) and sustainability within businesses of all sizes. We help organisations create a healthy and safe environment for their people and anyone else who could be affected by what you do. We will help you to put the health & safety of your people first so they can, in turn, create a healthy, strong organisation others will want to do business with.

We work alongside you within a facilitating role in any size of business across a wide range of sectors. We work for SME’s who do not require an employed person or for organisations of all sizes who prefer to outsource especially those keen to embed strong OSH values within all roles of the organisation. We will provide you with competent person advice.  We regularly work alongside internal teams in large organisations to provide flexible support or to assist with specific projects.

We guide, support, encourage, motivate and provide strategic direction with the aim of raising standards at all levels. Our aim is to enable everyone within your organisation to make wise risk-based choices so this becomes integral to what you do and how you do it.  As we come out of the global health crisis these risk-based decisions will help you to make the right, practical choices so your organisation will not just survive this economic downturn but thrive. Ultimately we would like you to rely on us less over time.

We save organisations money by helping with legal compliance, by helping to organise processes and documentation efficiently. We will work alongside you to determine training needs and help you deliver this. A healthy, happy and safe workforce improves productivity and reduces staff turnover.

We do not inspect, identify problems and leave you to it – our consultants cut through the jargon, guide and coach so you make the change happen from within via critical thinking and practical application. We are not afraid to make decisions if this is required. We are honest and realistic about the journey required to achieve compliance, and the steps necessary to achieve this.

We charge a fair rate for a bespoke service which puts your company at the centre. We have packages to fit all budgets, so we can help any size organisations and startups.

Increasingly employers are under greater scrutiny from regulators, investors, customers and workers. We can help you create an organisation where people will want to work, do business, innovate and grow. A healthy organisation which is future-ready.

We offer a fully bespoke service dependent entirely on your requirements.

We usually begin with a detailed review of your organisation – interviewing people at various levels, to get a real feel and understanding of current standards. We will review documentation, training records and examine how the organisation actually manages risk in practice.

From here, we create a comprehensive report with a detailed action plan and potential options for implementation over a planned period of time. We create quick wins and identify medium and long term goals. We provide on-going support to make the plan a reality. We become part of your team and take you on a journey from where you are now to where you would like to be.

We are dedicated to providing a strong project management approach helping companies reach their full potential by implementing a strong safety and/or environmental management system. We work from customers’ premises, integrating into the daily operation, and becoming part of the team.

Hosking Associates benchmarks health and safety and environmental standards via the ribbon award audits which are based on HSE Guidance 65 which describes the core elements for embedding standards into any organisation.

A Safety Ribbon Award is presented to companies achieving over 85% in their annual audit.

Equally, the Green Ribbon Award is presented to organisations achieving over 85% against environmental legal compliance and best practice.

Once achieved, organisations can use the logo on promotional materials to demonstrate to their customers that legal standards have been met.

The Ribbon standards are a foundation and stepping stone to achieving ISO standards and national awards

Our consultants and associate consultants are Chartered practitioners or working toward achieving this. They are experienced practitioners with at least 10 years experience in a variety of roles including Environmental Health, Facilities Management, Construction and Property.

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