We offer a fully bespoke Environmental, Health and Safety service

We provide a bespoke Safety and/or Environmental Manager service for organisations who do not require a whole person or prefer to outsource. We are also available to support internal SHE teams, complete specific project work and to undertake internal auditing for larger companies. We will help you to create a safe, sustainable and healthy environment for everyone who works or visits.

Our focus is to empower businesses and schools to manage their own risk, and by helping you to change the way everyone within your organisation views risk and interacts with each other. We can work with you to organise your documentation in order to demonstrate legal standards are being met and records are current.

We can help you to protect your reputation and be seen as an organisation where sustainability, safety and people really do matter.

On the days we are working for you, we typically work from your office or premises so that what we do for you is fully integrated into your regular operational procedures; our goal is to become part of your team. This also means you know exactly what we are doing, how we are doing it, and feel fully in control of the whole process. At this time we are working remotely for our customers and have been able to adapt to this so support remains continuous.

We are available to undertake as much or as little as your organisation requires by looking at your actual needs and priorities. We work along side you to help you to make pragmatic risk-based decisions, and to help you to use the right consultants where additional specific support might be required in other technical areas (such as asbestos risk management or legionella control).

Our support will depend on your requirements and needs. As a new client, it is important we understand exactly where you are now and what you would like to achieve so we can give you the right advice and help target highest risk areas first. We usually start with a review of your organisation, speaking to relevant individuals at all levels within your business, we complete an inspection and look at documentation. From this we develop a prioritised action plan and formally present this to you with options to achieve your aims and objectives.

You may choose to take the plan and implement it internally or we can help you to do this. We can take on as much or as little as you need. Most clients who choose competent person support agree support across a two year period with equal monthly payments.

We can continue to support you, following your review, to:

  • Write or refine your policies
  • Help you to prioritise what needs to be undertaken now and arrangements which can form part of a longer term plan
  • Create management systems
  • Develop written operational procedures
  • Help you to form an effective steering group to make decisions on direction and priority
  • Work along side you to produce and implement risk or impact assessments
  • Deliver and organise training
  • Ensure that legal requirements to check your systems are in place, for example developing inspection check lists or by auditing
  • Develop key performance indicators, encouraging the right type of competition and enabling individuals to have their safety performance considered as part of their performance review
  • Be there to investigate, support and implement new controls to prevent a recurrence if something does go wrong. We can also help you liaise with Enforcement Officers
  • Ensure that where your clients specify specific standards for you to meet that these conditions are incorporated into the work we undertake for you.