My Hosking: Are You A Member?

My Hosking Membership

We are pleased to announce a new service  the My Hosking Membership. Finally, a way to access all those templates you been looking for! More about this in a minute, but first a quick update on our H&S Bundles.

H&S Bundles Update

We are currently working with all our clients to establish Bundles p1 No Priceswork across a calendar year within both standard and bespoke H&S Bundles. The purpose of developing these Bundles is to more effectively manage consultant time, and meet the requirements of our clients. By agreeing to a specific number of competent person support days each year, we can assure our consultants will have enough available time in their diaries to provide top level support to our clients, as well as helping our clients plan forward to meet some achievable goals.

Since introducing our new H&S Bundles, we have been met with resounding success as our clients steadily opt in to the Bundle that best suits them. Because we remain flexible, it is possible to meet all our clients support needs. And most assuring of all, we haven?t changed our standard option to cancel services (with 30 day notice). We feel that no one should be tied into a term contract. Our H&S Bundles serve as a strong management tool designed to assist our clients.

School Health and Safety, in particular, requires careful planning. Opting into one of our Bundles means that schools can budget across the year for the support that they require, as well as receive a whole host of built-in support services and discounts.

My Hosking

In December, along with the introduction of our H&S Bundles, we announced we were looking into other added value options in 2014 that schools can opt into at any time. The first of these no-charge options is access to template downloads via our website, available beginning 1st March 2014.

My Hosking reflectionWe now have a new, exclusive membership area on our website called My Hosking. This is a portal which gives members access to over a dozen frequently used/requested H&S templates. We have started with our bespoke school templates, and will add more general templates for other sector use as time goes on. In order to access and download these templates, you must be signed into a H&S Bundle with us. The templates provided via My Hosking form the basic building blocks of a safety and environmental management system, are smart and user friendly, and are just a few of the many templates we can offer.

If you are eligible for membership and haven’t received your username/password yet, please contact Christine McBride on 020 3606 6466.