The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity “… is infectious, its motivating, engaging and it makes people feel better about themselves”

Louise Hosking talks about how important being positive is both in our relationship with clients, and the ever-challenging task of changing the face of ‘elf & safety’.

Louise Hosking small“We are in the job of changing hearts and minds, so individuals make positive choices to look after themselves and others. If we are serious about changing the perception of our profession, we should reflect on our own behaviour because our words and actions can have a profound effect on others.

Negativity results in people switching off and turning away.

Rather than using negative words to tell people what they cannot do or what they have done wrong, we should be encouraging what they can do.”

“Always read emails twice before sending, and consider the negative words in the phrase “Please don’t hesitate to contact me” at the end. If you are inviting a response, say so. Better still, let them know you will be in touch and contact them instead.

Listen to your mobile answer phone message. Have you said “You can’t take a call right now?” Even better than changing the message to remove negative words is forwarding your number to a colleague who can respond.”

Read the full article in the June 2016 issue of IOSH Networks News, p.7

The Power of Positivity