Manual Handling Training


Over 40% of all work related injuries are caused by incorrect manual handling; the average time off work for back injuries is 20 days. Back injuries are the biggest cause of staff absence in the UK and yet most are preventable. This high impact and interactive manual handling training course is a superb way to show your staff how to lift safely. Once your staff have attended this manual handling training course, they will know how to look after their back properly and your business will be protected from the cost of absenteeism and litigation.

Course objectives

This course will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to carry out manual handling safely and without risk of injury to themselves or others.

Who should attend

Any person who is involved in manual handling in the workplace.


1/2 Day

Course content


  • Manual Handling Legislation
  • The principles of manual handling
  • Manual handling injuries
  • Anatomy of the spine
  • Causes of back pain
  • Returning back to work
  • Manual handling Assessments
  • Principles of safer Moving & Handling
  • How to change old lifting habits into positive lifting techniques

Practical Techniques

  • The base position
  • Lifting from and lowering to ground level
  • Lifting from a desk or bench
  • Lifting from under a desk or bench
  • Team lifting


Delegates will be awarded a certificate of attendance on successful completion of the multiple choice assessment.